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SheCrypt is a Tezos India initiative aimed to increase awareness about the women in crypto, their achievements and opportunities for women. With blockchain being a booming sector that has huge potential, we are here to support budding female blockchain enthusiasts in their journey. This initiative also encourages women to learn about blockchain and be inspired by what the industry has to offer. Blockchain has already improved business operation in many sectors and SheCrypt believes women are going to drive this innovation forward!

Panel discussions

Get to know from the experts the technical aspects, additionally the potential business and social impact.

Mentorship sessions

Connect one on one with successful women in this industry who would educate and support you along your crypto journey.

Web3 Development

Register to our weekly training courses to learn various blockchain applications from our experts.


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Mentoring Partner

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Perks of this Campaign

Workshops and Masterclass

Attend Virtually

Free to Join

Witness future of Blockchain


Catchup with Leading Ladies

Meet some
Successful Individuals
in Web3!

Learn from the best buidlers, guides & advisors pioneering the new internet era

Firdosh Sheikh

CEO, Drife

Tarusha Mittal

COO and Co-Founder,
Oropocket & UniFarm

Priyanka Sharma

Head of PR & Community, Wazrix

Poorvi Sachar

Head of Developer Adoption, Tezos India

Seema Mishra

Co-Founder, Pinkstripes

Mumu - The Stan

NFT Artist & Poet

Om Malviya

President of Tezos India
Co-Founder and CPO of Tezure

Pradeep Atmaram

The Director of Marketing, Kalamint

Sumin Kwon

Marketing Executive, TZ APAC

Sherry Jiang

CEO & Co-Founder, Bluejay Finance

Marisa McKnight

Founder of Multisummit

Echo Li

NE Asia(China, Korea, Japan)
Marketing Lead, TZ APAC

Bernd Oostrum

CEO & CoFounder, Tezsure

Yvonne NG

Head of Sales, APAC, Elliptic

Dheeraj Shah

Founder of Kewl Club
Founding Member, CRE8R DAO

Lakar Umbi

NFT/Digital Artist

Calvin Thoo

Mixed Media Artist

Web3 Unbundled


March 8th

Official LAUNCH

Get started on your journey with us!

March 11th

Panel #1

Opportunities for Women in Web3
Time: 3:30 PM IST

March 14th

Masterclass 1

Tezos Fundamentals
By Om Malviya, President of Tezos India

March 16th

Masterclass 2

Introduction to Solana
By Sandeep Ghosh, Blockchain Developer.

March 18th

Masterclass 3

NFTs on Kalamint
By Pradeep Atmaram, Director - Marketing at Kalamint.

March 20th

Masterclass 4

Aspiring A Career in Marketing
By Priyanka Sharma, Head of PR & Community, WazirX.

March 21st

Masterclass 5

Details Coming soon

March 22nd

Panel #2

Breaking Barriers: thriving in a man-dominated industry
Time: 3:30 PM IST

March 24th

Masterclass 6

Details Coming soon

April 1st

Panel #3

The Potential for artists in NFTs.
Time: 3:30 PM IST



Who can apply for this campaign?

This campaign has been curated for individuals who want to learn about the basics of web3 and cryptocurrency. This campaign is open to anyone and everyone who wants to learn about this new and exciting space.

How can I register?

Fill your name and email on the form linked to this page so we register your interest, we'll send you an email with the complete details.

How much does this campaign cost?

The campaign is absolutely FREE of cost to attend the live sessions.

Is this campaign remote?

Yes! We have designed every activity for a remote audience including events, ice breaking activities and classes.

What will I get after completing this campaign?

Goodies from Tezos India franchise. Also expert knowledge on opportunities and how to grow in the industry.